Huay Keaw Waterfall – A Perfect Mini Outdoor Adventure in Chiang Mai

The easiest waterfall hike in Chiang Mai is to Huay Keaw. If you are ready to get outdoors, have temple burn out, or want to escape city traffic, then the small adventure to Huay Keaw is right for you.

Enjoy a picnic next to the falls, practice yoga, meditate, and rock scramble to the base of the falls. Relax to the sound of moving water and the site of butterflies landing on wildflowers surrounding the water.

How to Get To Huay Keaw Waterfall:

The waterfall is an easy flat 0.3 mile or 5-10 minute walk from the Chiang Mai Zoo entrance. Take a songthaew, motorbike, or taxi to the Chiang Mai Zoo. We took a quick ride from 248 Street Hostel. From the zoo entrance, walk north for about 2 minutes until you see Soi 1 Saensuk. It will have a sign saying “shortcut to Huaykeaw waterfall.”

The path takes you through a small community on the west side of the nature trail. Once you reach the nature trail, you will see the stream. Keep walking upstream until you come to the small watering hole and the view of the waterfalls.

Once you see the Huay Keaw waterfall, you will know you have arrived. It’s not like the smaller waterfalls you see on your way, it stands out and will take your breath away.

You can rock scramble up to the main waterfall at your own risk. The rocks are very slippery so wear good shoes and take your time climbing.

What you can Expect When You Reach the Huay Keaw Waterfall

The views are amazing, and there was plenty of water flowing (we visited in October). If you are hoping to swim there are no large swimming holes, but small pools if you want to cool down. The main pool at the bottom is the most convenient to get to, but you’ll have to lay down to get your whole body wet during the dry season!

Abundant greenery and wildlife surround the cascading water and sheaths of rock. We sat and admired the countless floating butterflies and dancing dragonflies around the pool. Lots of wildflowers surround the waterfall, take your time to admire them all.

In Conclusion

We recommend the Huay Keaw Waterfall if you are itching for some nature in Chiang Mai but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a big excursion outside of the city. The location is so close to old town Chiang Mai, easy to reach

For more outdoor activities in Chiang Mai check out the Monk’s Trail hike up to Wat Pha Lat and Wat Doi Suthep, or visit some of the stunning temples in the region.

Chiang Mai is also famous for elephant sanctuaries but we highly advise attending one for ethical reasons. Please read why you should not invest in an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Anyone planning a trip to Chiang Mai and the Huay Keaw Waterfall?

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