As a digital nomad, your gear can make or break you on the road. Your gear can immensely help you streamline your work flow and get the most bang for your buck when you sit down to grind in your “office.”

After traveling on the road for over a year making money from our computers, we realized how much we love to work with Apple Products on the road and that we like Apple Products for Digital Nomads in general.

Here’s Why:

Apple Products Streamline Digital Nomad Workflow

We love how Apple products can communicate with each other. AirDrop and iCloud and user friendly and essential tools to we use in our business to send photos and documents from our phones to our computers and visa versa. Even better, AirDrop does not require wifi, so it’s easy for us to transfer files even when we don’t have an internet connection.

For some time, I had an android phone and It was always such a pain in the butt to upload my files to google drive and then download them onto my computer. Sometimes I would be on a plane and I wanted to edit a photo on my computer from my phone, but had no way of transferring my image to my computer.

Once I got my iPhone, I was able to AirDrop anything with the click of a button from my laptop to my phone and visa versa. AirDrop saves us tons of time and makes it easy to transfer files from one device to the other.

Apple Products Have iCloud

We love I-cloud storage. iCloud gives us peace of mind knowing that everything we create on our computers and phones are automatically be backed up to the cloud. It is a safety net that we could not travel with out. The fact that it is automated also saves us tons of time having to manually back up all our work and pictures in our spare time.

Since you can view your cloud from any Apple device you own, there is no need to send files back and forth between our computers and phones and visa versa. Apples does that all for us, saving us that extra step and time.

Apple Products Have Great Cameras

If you are a photographer or shutter bug on your travels but don’t want to carry around an actual camera, the iPhone’s camera is a pretty darn good substitute. The iPhone 8+ camera has one of the highest pixel density on the market and is a great beginner’s camera if you’re just getting into photography. Coupled with I-cloud and Air Drop, you can snap a picture and in seconds it will be backed up or you can send it to anyone with Air Drop.

Apple Products are Super Portable and Light

Apple makes one of the best digital nomad computers we recommend and both own – the Mac Book Air. This super charged computer not only __, , and _ it weighs in at only at 2.75 pounds. The computer’s __ capabilities and its overall weight make it worth every penny.

Apple Products are More Secure

Apple products are known to be more secure than Windows and Android products. The security features for Apple products are built into the system, whereas Android and Windows rely on third party security software.

In addition, Apple provides security software updates and maintains customer privacy whenever there is an issue.

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