Amazing Temple Boat Tour You Need to Do in Ayutthaya, Thailand

A Boat Tour Around Ayutthaya at Sunset is a Magical Experience You Need to Experience

One of most magical activities that you can do in Ayutthaya is to take a temple boat tour around the city at sunset. Tours are ran by the December House and only cost 200 baht (~$6.67) per person. The tour will take you to three temples right off the water, and give you a perspective of the city that not many people experience.

The Temple Boat Tour Route

The boat travels in a clockwise direction around the city from 4 PM to 7 PM. The night boat tour is the best because it is not hot and you get to experience the temples and boat ride during sunset.

Temple Boat Tour around Ayutthaya

To take a tour, head to the east side of the island to the riverside where the ferry resides. There are a few companies to book through, but we chose to book through December House since that's what our hostel owner suggested. You just let them know you would like a boat tour, pay the 200 baht fee, and hang out in their lounge area until they call you to head to the boat.

Keep in mind that you will need extra baht for temple fees. Bring 150 baht extra to be safe.

The Temples You See on the Boat Tour

You get between 20-30 minutes at each temple, which is enough to get some pictures and see what each spot has to offer. However, we could have spent more time at each sitting and admiring all of the intricacies and beauty.

1. Wat Phanan Choeng

Lavishly ornate vihara houses a 19 meter tall buddha cast in gold in 1324 BC. Cost is 20 baht for foreigners and free for locals.

2. Wat Phutthaisawan

A ruined vihara is home to a reclining buddha. You can make incense offerings for free. Cost is free for foreigners and locals.

3. Wat Chai Wattanaram

The Khmer style temple is the second biggest tourist attraction in Ayutthaya. The temple name translates to The Temple of the Long Reign and Glorious Era.

What You Need to Bring on Your Temple Boat Tour

Remember your temple clothes! Keep your shoulders covered, wear pants/skirts, and comfortable shoes or sandals. Sunglasses can help against the glare of the setting sun on the water. Need more in depth details on proper temple attire in Thailand? Read our Essential Thailand Travel Guide.

In Conclusion

If you have time, we recommend taking a sunset boat tour around Ayutthaya. You get to see three temples that otherwise are more difficult to reach unless you have a car. Plus, taking a boat ride around the island is a treat in itself. No time or money for a boat ride? No worries! We also recommend biking around Thailand to see the most of the city in a day. Read our Ayutthaya’s Ultimate Temple Ruin Hopping Bike Ride for more details.

Have any questions or comments about the temple boat tour in Ayutthaya? Leave us a comment!