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Portfolio & Testimonials


Island Yoga - Marketing Campaign Copy

“Demeris was amazing to work with! She exceeded my expectations and provided Island Yoga with so much. I was impressed with her commitment to my project and will continue to work with her in the future.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 3.22.55 PM.png

—Kerry McColl | Marketing Manager


Pure Nature Yoga - Web Copy

“I am overly impressed with Demeris ’s content writing. She really spent the time to understand me and how I wanted to present the content, and the tone I wanted to express.

The way she formatted the content and used appropriate keywords for my website. She was very accommodating and understanding on areas I wanted edited on the second and third drafts.

I would highly recommend Demeris for any projects, she is professional, has high integrity, and supportive to understand and cater to your needs.”


-Dimitri Miteff | Founder


Pure Nature Yoga - Photo Shoot

“Brenden is truly an outstanding photographer, with a mystical ability to capture the true essence of what I wanted to express. 

He did a great job with evening and sunrise photo shoots to optimize lighting, and impressive enhancements on the photos later, especially the evening shoot.

He was creative and suggestive to capture the magic with in the image.

I would highly recommend both Brenden and Demeris for any projects, they are very professional, with high integrity, and supportive to understand and cater to your needs.”


-Dimitri Miteff | Founder


“Demeris and Brenden came to help fully prepared and with a plan of action. They took all of our feedback and used their talents and skills to improve our website. Despite difficulties they persisted and finished the job.

We are happy to have met them and feel like we have made new friends. We definitely would like to recommend their expertise!”


-Anke & Aoi | Founders


Cazz Hostel Website

“Brenden and Demeris know marketing and how to improve small businesses like my own. I learned a lot from them! Now my website look so much better and I am so thankful!”

golllfff copy.jpg

-Golf | Cafe & Hostel Owner


One World Traveler Product Photography

The way they shot our apparel is fantastic. The designs went well with the background along with the colors of the images. They really have a knack for this and I can’t wait to continue collaborating with them for I’m certain they will deliver the best work ever!

If you’re looking for a look that’s natural looking yet captivating enough to catch your audiences attention then look no further, these two are your creators!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 1.36.43 PM.png

- Sandra | Founder

Sepia Photo Edits for Burning Man Project

“It was wonderful and people were very happy with the art piece. It was great working with Demeris and Brenden! They were great with feedback and contacted me very quickly. Any adjustments I asked for were delivered the same day.”

-George | Film Director