Thailand Hostel Reviews - Fun Dee Ayutthaya

Thailand Hostel Reviews - Fun Dee Ayutthaya

The reality of starting a digital nomad path is you might be broke! You are traveling with pennies working hard to start up your business and find work on the go. The reality of budget travel is finding the least expensive accommodation to spread your dollar far. Welcome to the hostel-hopping lifestyle! Hostels are great economic living arrangements to keep you within your travel budget. But not all hostels are created equal!

If you plan on traveling through Thailand for your digital nomad journey, we are reviewing all the hostels we stay at in Thailand to help you find the gems and avoid the duds.

We will kick off our reviews with a gem - Fun Dee Hostel in Ayutthaya.

Staying at Fun Dee Ayutthaya is Like Staying with Family

Fun Dee hostel is no luxury villa, and they don't have a pool, but what they lack in finery they make up in essential human connection and hospitality ten-fold, which in my book beats extravagance any day. Fun Dee is owned by Peace and his wife, Minn. Besides being a hostel owner, Peace is a coffee connoisseur, Ayutthaya historian, musician, and John Mayer fan. He is a very talented guitarist and enjoys playing in the cafe - watch him play here. Minn is an excellent baker and bakes all of the cafe's goodies from scratch. The smell of baking brownies fills the air at Fun Dee, but Minn’s caramel custards are the real treat to die for.

The couple lives right next door, so the hostel is practically their second home...that's the vibe here - homely. Their two small kids play and run around the cafe. The youngest likes to reorganize the chairs in the cafe, and his young daughter helps him make drinks. The small establishment makes you feel like apart of their family which goes a long way when you are strangers in a different country.

Over breakfast, Peace likes to talk about the art of brewing coffee. We spent a whole morning sampling his drinks. We watched and tasted as he explained the science behind coffee and tea brewing. Our favorite? The vanilla matcha latte - the best latte we've had in Thailand hands down.

Peace also enjoys discussing Ayutthaya’s history and will make sure to give you a lesson before you go tour Rama Public Park's temples. He brings the 300-year-old ruins to life in your imagination. History buffs will love Peace because he is like an endless textbook. He definitely gave us some tips for our Essential Thailand Travel Guide. Besides giving us good coffee and conversation, he helped us haggle for our first tuk-tuk, find the best blood noodles in town, and gave us the best night market recommendations (you have to go to the Krungsri Weekend Market!) - essentials for an authentic visit to Ayutthaya.

Fun Dee Hostel is Clean and Comfy

We did not have any reservations before coming to Fun Dee and upon check in the dorms were initially closed. The entrepreneur couple leads busy lives running a hostel, managing a cafe, entertaining guests, going to school for hotel hospitality, on top of taking care of their kiddos! They were understandably inundated with work and were not taking in any more guests at the time. But Minn generously decided to open the dorms for us. The result was a private room - we had the whole dorm to ourselves! Thanks, Minn!

Peace kindly gave us a tour up to our dorm on the third floor where our beds were freshly made, and the AC was blasting. Lights and outlets next to the beds made it easy to relax, cool down, and read after a long day’s journey to the hostel. Everything about the room felt new and sparkling clean, unlike previous hostels that show their guests wear and tear. We could tell Peace and Minn work hard to maintain the dorm's freshness and newness.

There was one downside to Fun Dee - we missed having privacy curtains on our bunk beds. Though we had the dorm to ourselves, we know if other guests were sharing the room, our beds would feel more comfortable and private with thick curtains. A small, but a significant feature we believe necessary in all hostels today.

Right next door to the room is a western style bathroom - convenient for middle of the night peers like me. Minn provides guests toiletries such as soap, shampoo, Q-tips, cotton balls, and a hairdryer. Showers were piping hot, and the water pressure was excellent. The bathroom was never dirty or grimy despite being shared.

Fun Dee Hostel Felt Safe

Never once did we feel like our personal safety or our belongings were in danger at Fun Dee.

The rooms have metal lockers which felt more secure than the typical locked wooden cabinets you find at hostels. However, the lockers were too small to fit our packs, so we opted to stick our electronics, money, and passports in them and leave our bags out. At the time, we had the whole dorm to ourselves, so we didn’t fear for the security of our items.

Fun Dee has installed security cameras all around the facility plus keycards to come in and out of the cafe. Knowing thieves and burglars would be caught red-handed at Fun Dee gave us peace of mind.

Fun Dee’s Cafe Was a Perfect Workspace for Traveling Freelancers

The cafe is quaint and trendy. Fun Dee is decked out with raw brick, white tile, and yellow wood. The menu is simple - coffee, espresso, Thai tea, and sodas, but Peace does not mind experimenting. He made me a custom order - a delicious Thai tea with an espresso shot on top. The drink reminds me of a dirty chai latte - Thai style. He believes a dirty matcha Thai tea would be delicious too.

Fun Dee Thailand Review Ayutthaya, Thailand

Peace is passionate about coffee. Watching him make your drink is part art and science. Every step he takes has a purpose - to make the best cup of coffee you ever had in Thailand. He blew our minds away with his vanilla matcha latte. Watch Peace make his famous vanilla matcha latte and pay close attention to our reactions! Even if you are not staying overnight in Ayutthaya, a quick trip to Fun Dee is worth it just for that drink.

The wifi and AC are blazing in the cafe ideal for digital nomads who rely on computers for work. Fun Dee has the essentials for a day of work in Ayutthaya - Fast wifi speeds, crisp air, and lattes.

If you need a work break, try your hand out at the guitar. Peace has one in the shop for beginners and advanced players to dabble with. You can also rent a bike for 50 baht a day and ride to the local market around the block, eat some pork noodle soup, and then ride around through the Ancient Park to take in all the temple ruins.

In Conclusion

Our stay at Fun Dee is one of the most memorable visits in Thailand so far. Not for the enormous night market and beautiful temples in Ayutthaya (though those things were awesome as well), but for Peace, Minn, and their kids. Their open hearts, unlimited generosity, cute cafe, delicious coffee, prices ($7.67 a night) and clean facilities set them apart from other hostels. On your next trip to Ayutthaya make sure you drop in for a vanilla matcha latte or stay a night at Fun Dee to re-energize for the rest of your journey. We promise you will love the family just as much as we did.

Fun Dee Hostel Review Ayutthaya, Thailand

Recommend any other hostels in Ayutthaya? Let us know in the comments below!

Brenden Togioka