Thailand Hostel Reviews - 248 Street Hostel Chiang Mai

Thailand Hostel Reviews - 248 Street Hostel Chiang Mai

As a budding digital nomad, it is essential to pinch your pennies. You will be traveling while working sometimes not knowing when your next dollar will come. Frugality is vital to keep yourself financially afloat to fund your travels.

Hostels are some of the best budget accommodations you can stay in. Not all hostels are equal though, so we want to share with you reviews of the hostels we have stayed in during our travels to help you stay in the gems and avoid the duds.

If you are headed to Chiang Mai, Thailand and are looking for a hostel with a rooftop bar and pool, then look no further than 248 Street Hostel. Private rooms start at $20 a night!

248 Hostel has a Budget Rooftop Bar with a View

248 is a huge five-story hostel just north of Chiang Mai's old city. The building is one of the largest in the area, so naturally, the owner, Bam, wanted to utilize the stunning view of the city, mountains, and temples.

She designed a rooftop lounge with a small infinity pool attached to a bar. With the addition of neon lights, music, and booze, 248 is the perfect kickback zone. Enjoy drinking cold Chang beers in the pool or try out one of Bams cocktails. At night, watch the whole city light up and Wat Doi Suthep's golden glow from the mountains from poolside.

The rooftop lounge is perfect for working during the day. The entire area is shaded, so you can work with views of the mountains. When you get hot just take a quick dip in the chilly pool to cool down. During off season, you are sure to have the whole place to yourself.

248 Street Hostel is Accommodating to All Travelers

Bam's hostel is enormous, with five floors of space she has over 30 rooms. There are rooms for every type of traveler - private rooms for affluent travelers, private bunk bed dorms for budget couples, large dorm rooms for backpackers, and female only dorms for solo female travelers. She even offers rooms just for the LGBTQ community to make them feel more comfortable, something very few owners are integrating into their hostels.

248 Street Hostel Review Chaing Mai Thailand

248 Street Hostel’s Amenities go the Extra Mile

We never felt like our room or service was lacking. Unlike other hostels that charge for extra blankets or pillows, Bam is more than welcome to provide you with the luxuries to make your stay more comfortable - free of charge. Pillows are nice and fluffy, and the down blankets keep you warm from the frigid AC. Provided slippers are a nice detail for those who do not like walking around barefoot. She also offers toast, coffee, and filtered water for guests. The restrooms also include body wash and shampoo.

The only area we felt the restrooms could improve is hand soap. 248 did not provide hand soap for guests, which for us seems like a basic necessity after using the bathroom. The rooms also lack hooks or storage areas for our luggage. Small details that did not break our experience, but could definitely improve a guests stay.

The rooms have reliable wifi, perfect for digital nomads to work after a long day of exploring. Blasting AC in the rooms is a much needed after adventuring with elephants or trekking through the jungle. Plus the windows and balcony were also lovely touches for natural lighting. We didn't feel like we were staying in a box.

Overall the amenities felt more like a small budget hotel than a hostel. 248 goes above and beyond to provide you the necessities to help you forget you are staying in a hostel.

248 Street Hostel’s Security Can Improve

Bam is vigilant about watching her cameras. She is looking out for thieves and unwanted guests. After discussing with her, she mentioned that "the safety of her guests is her top priority." Bam wants to make sure the welfare and belongings of her travelers are secure so that they can have a positive fun trip in Chiang Mai.

However, the hostel does not currently have lockers. Digital nomads who carry valuable electronics should not stay in dorms without lockers because of the high risk of thievery. Until 248 provides lockers for their guests, we suggest staying in a private room solely for the security of your possessions.

After talking with Bam about lockers, she thanked me for my feedback and said she would look into purchasing some. I expect 248 Street Hostel to have lockers within a couple of months.

Book Excursions through 248 Street Hostel

Besides a hostel owner, Bam is also a local travel agent. She acts as a liaison between guests and excursion companies, spas, cooking schools, tour buses, and taxi drivers. At the front desk, there are hundreds of flyers to skim through and Bam will help you find the best bang for your buck.

Bam helped us book our trip to the Maerim Elephant Sanctuary. She helped us find a sanctuary that acts humanely to the elephants and scheduled a driver to pick us up from the hostel. Though our trip to the Maerim experience was unique we would never do one again. Read our article about why elephant sanctuaries are not really sanctuaries at all.

In addition to excursions, Bam will help you find your way around Chiang Mai. She will give you a map and mark out areas of interest and the best local markets in town. She even went the extra mile to explain to us the best modes of transportation. She suggests renting motor bikes or private cars. Since we did not want to risk renting motorbikes and getting ticketed, we opted for private cars.

In Conclusion

248 Street Hostel is an excellent small party hostel for budget travelers looking for inexpensive rooftop lounging. The facilities are similar to that of a hotel, plus the owner Bam will make sure your experience in Chiang Mai is full of unforgettable excursions and spa days. Bam even mentioned that her goal is to act, “from a place of love and kindness to all her guests” in any little way she can. We definitely felt Bam went above to make our experience at her hostel and Chiang Mai as fun as possible.

A trip to Chiang Mai warrants at least a one night stay at the up and coming hostel simply for its fantastic pool, views, and staff. If you plan on heading from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya we recommend you stay at Fun Dee Hostel and Cafe!

On a trip to Chiang Mai? Have questions? We would love to help! Leave us any questions or comments below!

248 Street Hostel Review Chaing Mai, Thailand